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Extra 2 Pairs Of lenses+Standard Shipping(10$)

Extra 2 Pairs Of lenses+Standard Shipping(10$)

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Note: these are only lenses, the frame is not included.
Compatible with Alien and previous versions
FVA polarizing filter
UV400 double protective film
Scratch-resistant coating
Hydrophobic coating


Note: If you need to pay additional postage in your area, please contact us to refund the difference in postage after placing the order.

Eg: If you are still asked to pay the standard $15 postage at the time of payment, please contact us we will refund you the $10 postage.


How to use

Use Guide

Thank you for your trust and support in purchasing VocalSkull Alien5 Bluetooth Stereo Bone Conduction Sunglasses. Please read the instruction below carefully before using our product.


Table of Contents



1. Volume +

2. Volume -

3. On/Off

4. LED Indicator

5. Micro-USB Charging Port

6. Microphone


When powered on, voice prompts can be heard and the status of LED indicator shows differently as per different functions during the use of this product.

Illustration for voice prompts

Voice prompt

Power on

Power on

Power off

Power off

Pairing mode

Enter pairing mode

Bluetooth connected


Battery low

Battery low

Bluetooth disconnected


Incoming call notification

Caller's number announcement

Factory reset

Beep (press and hold Volume + and On/off buttons for 5 secs to reset it to factory default)

Color of indicator and the corresponding status.

Color of indicator

Red (solid)


Blue (solid)

Fully charged

Blue and red (alternating flash)

In pairing mode

Red (slow flash)


Blue (light to dark gradual flash)

Answer a call through glasses

Blue (flash)

Outgoing call/incoming call

Red (light to dark gradual flash)

Answer a call through mobile phone

How to remove and install lenses 


1. Take out lens

2. Insert lens

3. Align the upper edge of the lens with the frame clamping groove and press forward the lower edge of the lens

How to charge the glasses

Connect the glasses to a standard USB charging port on your PC or a wall charger via the micro-USB charging cable. It will fully charge within 2 hours. The LED indicator will show solid red when charging and will turn sold blue when charging is completed.

Note: Fully charging the glasses before first use is recommended.

How to power on and off

Press and hold On/Off button for 1 sec to turn the glasses on, followed by a voice prompt “power on”.

Press and hold On/Off button for 2.5 secs to turn the glasses off, followed by a voice prompt “power off”.

How to pair with your bluetooth device

1. While off, press and hold On/Off button until you see alternative red/blue flash accompanied with a voice prompt “enter pairing mode” to put the glasses in pairing mode.

2. Locate the Bluetooth menu on the device and select” Alien5”or ""SOG-GL01". Enter “0000” if password is required.

3. A voice prompt “connected” can be heard when pairing has succeeded.


(1)Pair the glasses to a standby device for the first use. After pairing, re-pairing is unnecessary for the re-connection to the same device if Alien5 isn’t deleted from the Bluetooth menu of the device. After the glasses is turned on, it will automatically reconnect or you can select “Alien5” from the Bluetooth menu of the device.

(2)The glasses turns off automatically 5 minutes after it is unconnected to the device.

(3)If out of range (more than 10 meters) when connected to a device, the glasses will disconnect from the device. Once back within range, it will automatically reconnect within 10 minutes. Double click On/Off button to make the glasses reconnect to the device if 10 minutes have passed. The glasses turns off automatically 5 minutes after disconnection.

(4)The glasses activates the re-connection and makes itself to be connected with the last paired device. When it is successfully connected, you will hear a voice prompt “connected”. If the connection is unsuccessful, double clicking On/Off button will activate the re-connection again.

How to play and pause music

1. Follow the above instructions to turn the glasses on and pair it to a mobile phone or a desktop.

2. Start a music player from your mobile phone or desktop and wear the glasses to enjoy music.

3. Music stops playing when the music player is closed from your mobile phone or desktop.

Operation instructions:

(1)Play/Pause: Single click On/Off button to pause music under playback status,

Single click On/Off button to play music under pause status.

(2)Previous/Next Song: Press and hold Volume+ or Volume- for 2 secs to skip forward or skip back.

(3)Adjust volumes: Single click Volume+ or Volume- to adjust the volumes.Continuous click will increase or decrease volume gradually.

How to answer and make phone calls

1. Follow the above instructions to turn the glasses on and pair it with a mobile phone

2. Answer a call:Single click On/off button to answer a call.

3. Reject a call: Press and hold On/Off button for 1 sec.

4. End a call:Single click On/Off button.

5. Answer the second incoming call and end the current call:Double click On/Off button.

6. Answer the second incoming call and hold the current call:Single click On/Off button.

7. Redial last number: Double click On/Off button.

Multipoint connection (Dual bluetooth pairing)

1. This product comes with a multipoint connection feature. (Dual bluetooth pairing).The glasses can be connected to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously.Please follow the steps as below:

2. Follow the pairing procedures described earlier and pair the glasses to the first Bluetooth device (for example, mobile phone).Go to next step after this step is successful.

3. Turn off the Bluetooth of the first device and follow the pairing procedures to get the glasses successfully paired to the second device (for example, mobile phone).Go to next step after this step is successful.

4. Turn on the Bluetooth of the first device and choose the name with “Alien5” or "SOG-GL01" from its Bluetooth menu to complete the multipoint pairing process without turning off the Bluetooth of the second device.


Free Shipping


At, customer satisfaction is always our top priority. We have strict quality assurance before each product is shipped, and we offer a perfect Exchange&Ruturn Policy if the item doesn't fit you well. You could return your order for a full refund within 30 days from the date you received your order. We are here to help!

We provide two levels of shipping methods, standard and expedite shipping.
The total time is the sum of the processing time and the shipping time.
Processing time = the time between when you place an order and when we ship it;
Shipping time = the time between when your order has been shipped and delivered to you;

Shipping Method Standard Shipping Expedited Shipping
Shipping Fee $0~$10 $20
Shipping Time 7~10/ 10~15 Working Day 4~7/6~10 Working Day


Preparation for delivery (quality&inventory checks, packing, paperwork, etc.) usually takes 1-2 business days and is NOT included in the overall "shipping time".
For more shipping information, please contact us at or fill out the ‘Contact Us form. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

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we've ongoing effort to provide delivering our constantly-connected generation of music streaming/gaming/FaceTiming as a safe alternative to earbuds, We just made “drop what you’re doing” obsolete.

  • Lightweight & Comfortable Wearable

    about 30g, flexible and ergonomic design, meet the requirements of different users for comfort,suitable for all-day wear,bring you incredibly comfortable wearing experience.

  • Prefessional Splash Proof Rating

    Our IP66 certified sport headphones repel light rain and sweat for sports. suitable for exercise, fitness, and running. (Not suitable for swimming).

  • Bone Conduction Technology

    Deliver sounds through the cheekbone, bypassing the eardrum. ensuring your ears remain completely open to ambient sounds for maximum situational awareness during long-term wear.

  • Great Battery Longevity&Playtime

    Build in 250mAh Lithium battery,Get up to 5 hours of play on a single charge or 10 days of standby time.Super quick charge time. Long enough for outdoor activities.

  • Superior Stereo Sound

    feature Unique leak proof structure,Soundproof cavity design, reduced the sound leakage by 87%. Enjoy high-quality audio output & perfect stereo effect with exceptional clarity for tunes or phone calls.

  • Prescription Lens Options

    Well assorted types of prescription Lens to address your visual needs, whether you are nearsighted, farsighted or need multiple prescriptions in one lens.

Various options on Frames

Match different styles of frames for your different destinations.created safety premium open-ear audio accessible to everyone, allowing for both high-quality sound and situational awareness, Switch for every lens easily.

Offering Prescription Customization For Everyone

Meet all your lifestyle and vision needs with various of lenses.connect your devices to enjoy favorite music easily with a tailored Wide field of view. Wherever you are, ensure you get a clear vision and enjoy the freedom of listening of listening.

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Offering with non-prescription daily lens molds for free, such as regular transparent lens molds, harmful blue light lens molds, sunglasses lenses molds, free replacement lens molds of the same color for when purchasing a pair glasses.

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Remaining awareness of your surroundings

Deliver sounds directly from your cheekbones to your inner ear, bypassing the eardrum. and ensuring your ears remain completely open to ambient leaving you free to crank up podcasts without drowning out voices or car horns.

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