Bone Conduction Technology

What is bone conduction?

Bone conduction is the conduction of sound to the inner ear through the bones of the skull. Its transmission can be used with individuals with normal or impaired hearing. With bone conduction, you can listen to radio, news or talk on the phone while being fully aware of the surrounding environment.

How does it work?

A headset is ergonomically positioned on the temple and cheek and the electromechanical transducer, which converts electric signals into mechanical vibrations, sends sound to the internal ear through the cranial bones. Likewise, a microphone can be used to record spoken sounds via bone conduction. The first description, in 1923, of a bone conduction hearing aid was Hugo Gernsback’s “Osophone”, which he later elaborated on with his “Phonosone”.

Bone Conduction, the VocalSkull Way

This technology is originally used in specialized communication such as scuba diving, military operation where high definition audio is not necessarily required due to its relatively large size and narrow frequency range. However, at VocalSkull we believe this is the technology that could as well benefit the general public. Thus our R&D team has continually been improving this technology. After relentless effort we were finally able to launch our product, VocalSkull bone conduction headphone and VocalSkull bone conduction sunglasses. In August 2018, the second generation of VocalSkull Beyond 5 bone conduction headphones and VocalSkull Alien 5 bone conduction sunglasses will be available which have remarkable improvements in sound leakage and sound quality.

Sound Leakage Reduction

Sound leakage is a disadvantage almost no bone conduction product could avoid. In traditional bone conduction technology, when in working condition, the vibrator vibrates, causing surrounding air together with the material it connects to shake, this is called a second sound. With our second generation technology we could reduce the second sound by introducing a special dangling construction that holds the vibrator, making sure the sourrounding vibrating could be suppressed to the minimum level. Wear our product and compare the feeling with other equipment and you will notice the difference significantly.

bone conduction technology headphones

bone conduction technology headphones are integrated in our glasses using bone conduction technology to transmit the voice to our glasses frame through bluetooth technology, and then transmit the sound to our ears through bone conduction, bone conduction glasses after 2-3 years The development of bone conduction sunglasses is also very mature and the price is very low. Every outdoor enthusiast will have audio bone headphones when we are fishing and running outdoors. Driving, or climbing, bone conduction sunglasses will provide you with great convenience

Lesser Sound leakage

Sound leakage significantly reduced with our second generation bone conduction technology.

IP67 Ingress Protection

Both the headset and sunglasses are IP67 certificated. With the new water resistance design, common raining and sweating could easily be handled.

HD sound quality

Providing sound quality even as good as your apple earpods.