• Ultimate Guide to Best Bone Conduction Sunglasses 2021 (Updated Version)

    Of all the different types of sunglasses available on the market, bone conduction shades have managed to open up its unique market ever since 2016, with Zungle being one of the most successful leaders. However, 5 years later at this moment in 2021, when we look back at these products I can’t help wondering – are they still worth it? Or do we have any other better choice
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    Apart from its world leading noise cancelling headphones, Bose over the years also released a series of other gadgets, with Frames being their latest.
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  • Bone conduction, revolution changes your life!

    Bone conduction, the word may seem scary, but on the contrary, this technology can change your life.The principle of this new technology is conduction by bone, the sound is transmitted through the vibration and not directly to the inner ear. More specifically, the vibrations are produced by the device in the bone of the jaw and temples,then bypass eardrum and proceed to your ear (cochlea).Even more simply put: the technology helps its sound that is delivered directly to the inner ear without needing to pass through the eardrum. Think of bone conduction as a shortcut to hearing sounds.