Best Audience For Bone Conduction Technology

Best Audience For Bone Conduction Technology

Bone conduction, as a special auditory technology, allows the body's bone structure to act as a sound transmission medium, bypassing the external ear canal. This undoubtedly offers a very good experience for those who are not accustomed or find it inconvenient to use in-ear sound devices. Many people enjoy bone conduction and use it to change their lifestyle. We understand that many people have become accustomed to wearing bone conduction devices and perhaps you can also find a suitable auditory method for yourself from shared experiences.

Individuals with otitis media like Louis: If it's chronic otitis media, accompanied by tympanic perforation, earphones inserted into the ear canal can easily trigger a recurrence of the inflammation. The non-invasive listening method of bone conduction can completely avoid this problem.

People with small ear canals like Shirley: Those who have naturally small ear canals experience different pressure when accepting earplugs compared to the average person. But if they want to enjoy private music, which does not disturb others while making themselves happy, bone conduction products can completely avoid the discomfort of ear canal listening.

Heavy earphone users like Karl: Whether you enjoy listening to music while working, or enjoy playing games, both require wearing headphones for a long time. However, the squeezing way of wearing, although convenient for listening, is not comfortable for long periods and can even be counterproductive to ear health. Therefore, the emergence of bone conduction products provides a new idea. Many enthusiasts express that using bone conduction products has reduced their worries about ear health.

Sport enthusiasts like Henry: Sports induce sweating. If one wears in-ear headphones, sweat entering the ear canal can easily cause infection. Therefore, for sports enthusiasts, the non-invasive audio products of bone conduction can provide a healthier way of listening. It is recommended to use the vocalskull-sports, a bone conduction audio eyeglasses specifically designed for athletes.

Workplace elites like Julie: Many office workers also choose VOCALSKULL bone conduction glasses. On the one hand, because most clerical workers spend a lot of time with computers daily and everyone basically has a pair of glasses, so why not upgrade the functions of your glasses? On the other hand, even when working in public areas, they want their own private space. However, they are afraid that immersive listening may affect their work efficiency, so open listening becomes the best choice.

Hearing impaired individuals like Bob: If it's conductive hearing loss, where only the external ear canal has problems while the inner ear structure is completely fine, then through bone conduction products, sound can be heard again. Compared to the strange looks one might receive after wearing traditional hearing aids, choosing fashionable VOCALSKULL needs no justification.

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